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Give your project a unique perspective. We offer a full range of services in aerial imagery, both for creative and industrial purposes.

Video Production

We offer "all in one" solutions for your project, including pre-production, shooting and post-production. Our flexible approach is adapted to the needs of small, medium and large size businesses.


Our team possesses a thorough experience of architectural, real-estate, publicity and corporate photography.

Always nicer from above...


UAVs (commonly drones) allow the production of spectacular aerial pictures and video, from up high or just above ground level. Pixel Nord holds a standing SFOC from Transport Canada and a $2,000,000 liability insurance that allow us to operate both in rural and urban areas anyware in Quebec..


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Our camera to serve your project



Scenario and planing tailor-made for your media strategy.


Professional tools :
4K video in ultra high-definition.


Post-production with the Adobe suite : Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.


Only if your are looking for the best


A fraction of a second : that is how long it take to snap a picture.
Producing a striking image, capturing an emotion or creating an ambience, however, requires patience, a creative spirit and mastery of the technique.
Pixel Nord possesses an advanced expertise with image processing which delivers only the most captivating pictures.


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